[Xtern Software] Why B2B expertise matters

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On our website, we proclaim that Xtern Software is “Built for Business.” What exactly does that mean? And why does that matter?

Built for Business means that we have decades of experience working in the B2B space. We don’t shoehorn our B2B customers into B2C products. We have the breadth and depth of experience to know the key differences between B2B and B2C.

This matters because utilizing a B2C playbook can be costly and ineffective for B2B businesses. Here are some key things to consider if you are a B2B business looking at revamping your marketing efforts:

1. A win is a referral to a dealer. A win is *not* a shopping cart checkout. 

For this reason, it’s vital to have a robust dealer locator that is treated like a Google search, not an afterthought. A customer to the website needs to be able to easily locate a retailer who sells the products. 

2. SEO is still important. 

Even if an individual customer can’t buy from your business, it is still imperative that your business can be found on the web. 

3. Though UX matters, it needs to be utilitarian. 

B2B buyers are not browsers. They are at your website with a very specific purchase in mind. Search and filter options need to be powerful so that a user can find exactly what they need. It is unlikely that they are interested in a “suggested” product, so it’s important to cut to the chase and serve up whatever they are searching for. 

B2B marketing can be a very complex endeavor because you are marketing to customers and customers *of* customers. At Xtern, we are happy to guide our customers through the key differences and create technology that works seamlessly in the B2B space.