[Xtern Software] We are live with Four Skis Design Source!

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Xtern’s depth of experience in B2B manufacturing spans a variety of industries. Our proximity to High Point, the home furnishings capital of the world, means we work with many furniture companies. Atlanta-based Four Skis Design Source represents Uttermost for the states of Alabama, Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle. Uttermost manufactures accent furniture, wall decor, lighting and much more. 

Like Uttermost, Four Skis Design Source is a family-owned business. The first part of the name, “Four Skis”, is a play on the family’s last name of Milewski. It also signifies the importance that family plays in their business. There are Four “Skis” – Bob, Debbie, Katie, and Bobby. They created this sales program (B2B sales to designers) to better serve local designers. Hence, the second part of the name, “Design Source”. 

Bob and Debbie Milewski started with Uttermost in the early 1990s, and in recent years, their now-grown children have joined the team. They take pride in building strong relationships and enjoy meeting customers in their Atlanta showroom. 

However, as technology has enabled more and more sales to take place digitally, they knew they needed to augment their sales strategy. It became vital for customers to feel confident purchasing home furnishings online (in addition to being able to view it in person). Users needed a website that was easy to navigate and visually appealing. And lastly, they wanted to share their company history and values in a way that felt (almost) as good as meeting with them in person.  

Enter HarmonyB2B


Xtern architected HarmonyB2B, a Content Management System (CMS) to better serve B2B audiences. HarmonyB2B is supported by CruxDB, a cloud-based database. The two parts work together from the start. This eliminates the need for additional plug-ins or programs. The creative & technical sides of a business partner in HarmonyB2B. Harmony B2B creates solidly architected websites that work, all the time, while granting content owners sufficient creative control. 

The Four Skis Design Source website needed to have zipcode functionality to ensure that only regionally relevant buyers would use the site. And they wanted seamless account management for designers purchasing home furnishings. It was important for this family-owned business to have Xtern’s expertise in the creation of their B2B website. 

By using HarmonyB2B, the Milewski family could rest assured their site had the look and feel they wanted, while being solidly architected. According to Katie, “We needed a website that made it easy for our interior designers to order through us and easy for us to process a lot of orders quickly. Xtern delivered on that. Our site is beautiful and totally customized to everything we need. We’re thrilled and so are our customers.”