[Xtern Software] We are growing our team this summer!

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It’s early March, which means that internship season will soon be upon us! 

Fun fact: Greensboro, North Carolina, is home to 50,000+ local college students. Though not all of them live here during the summers, a fair number do, and that’s where Campus Greensboro comes in. 

Among other things, the organization runs the Campus Greensboro Fellows Program: “A competitive, 10-week summer program that includes a paid industry internship and opportunities to build your network, enhance your professional development, engage in the community, and explore Greensboro as a place to thrive as a young professional.”

With a staff of twelve humans and four dogs, our size allows us to be nimble and highly collaborative. This is the perfect environment for an internship! (And not just because of our furry friends :)) Our small staff size means that our internships do not need to be narrow in scope, and our interns can explore lots of different projects and tasks related to their area of interest. 

And, at a time when most software development is done off-shore, Xtern architects custom software entirely within the walls of our Fisher Park office. Our developers are graduates of UNCG, AT&T, and other local institutions. We are proving that tech can thrive outside of San Francisco, or even the Research Triangle. 

That’s why we are excited to continue to grow our local talent pipeline by partnering with Campus Greensboro. We are hiring a Project Management intern and a Creative Services intern. Our hope is to equip local students with the skills and tools to thrive in Greensboro and beyond! 

In the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing more about our incoming summer interns.