[Xtern Software] Our second annual Tech Trek

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We loved getting to host our second annual Tech Trek. We invited University of North Carolina at Greensboro students interested in careers in tech to learn more about opportunities within the field. 

The students spent a half a day with us at our office in Greenboro. They participated in three presentations, followed by a networking lunch. Our agenda was designed to be both relevant and interactive, and we hope the students enjoyed it! 

Professor Jeffrey Kaplan, from the UNCG Department of Philosophy, gave a presentation called "How to Overcome Procrastination." This topic is applicable to all audiences, but is particularly helpful for students facing growing procrastination temptations from mobile devices! 

After that, we screened a video called, "See It to Be It,"  produced by the UNCG Department of Communications. The overall goal is to demystify the steps necessary to enter careers–especially high-mobility careers. In the video, UNCG alums working in the tech industry share an unfiltered look at the pros and cons of the career path and the preparation necessary to succeed. The video also features representation from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, so that students can better envision themselves in these careers. 

After the video, Xtern's president, Keir, and our App Developer & UX Designer, Taylor, shared more of their experiences via an Ask Me Anything-style Q&A. Both are alums in UNCG, and have had circuitous career paths, marked by lay-offs, changes in career goals, etc. This showed students that not all career paths are straight-forward and linear. 

In the last session, Xtern's Communications Director, Emily, explained how to evaluate a company culture. She explained the significance of alignment between "why" an employee wants to work for a particular organization, and "why" the the employer is offering employment (beyond salary and job description). In specific, Emily, shared her passion for community engagement and volunteerism, and shared Xtern's support of those interests. 

Finally, we wrapped up with a networking lunch, where Xtern employees (of whom 8 of 13 are UNCG alums) shared their background, expertise, and advice for college students. We were so glad to host UNCG for a second year and look forward to doing it again next year!