[Xtern Software] Our continued partnership with Community Housing Solutions

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We are thrilled to once again be a sponsor of Community Housing Solutions' signature yearly event. After a two year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, their Ambassadors' Breakfast returned this year, only as a luncheon instead! 

The mission of CHS is “to make Guilford County homes warmer, drier and safer by providing repairs and ownership opportunities to low-income homeowners.”

Four of our employees attended the luncheon and were seated with CHS repair recipients. One homeowner received a handicap accesible ramp that was constructed during the nonprofit's yearly Ramp-a-Thon. Another received repairs to their roof and siding. 

Rebuilding homes takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and manpower, and for a small nonprofit, CHS does an incredible job recruiting volunteers and delegating projects to individual and group volunteers. 

In addition to event sponsorship, Xtern recently partnered with CHS on a custom software project. CHS Executive Director Gene Brown and Xtern founder Keir Davis met at a Summit Rotary chapter event. It became apparent that a custom software solution could end Brown’s software search of eight years. It was cost-effective and also developed locally, a huge bonus. 

The Xtern Software team built a database to track needed information for home repairs. From there, CHS utilizes its skilled construction staff to lead over 900 volunteers each year. This team repairs more than 150 homes, investing over $900,000 in preserving homeownership.

Kudos to CHS for a wonderful event and for all the work they do to help those in need in our community.