[Xtern Software] Our B2B Offerings

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We recently presented at Fourth Shift Summit, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Fourth Shift Summit is a conference focused on manufacturers from a variety of industries who utilize Fourth Shift ERP. ERP (enterprise resource planning) is a type of sofware that helps manufacturers manage, automate, and optimize their processes. 

Xtern has decades of exprience working with Fourth Shift ERP and manufacturers. Our founder, Keir, worked extensively with Fourth Shift ERP prior to establishing Xtern Software. In the years since, Xtern architected a number of companion software products for Fourth Shift ERP. These include Sales Manager, Options Assistant, Quote2Order, and RMA Assistant. These custom products fill a need within the Fourth Shift ERP user community for more modern functionality. 

We continue to work with many customers in manufacturing. And we have expanded our scope and expertise to include new offerings that may benefit Fourth Shift ERP users, such as:

HarmonyB2B: We build custom websites, exactly suited to the needs of your business. Our custom Content Management System (CMS), HarmonyB2B, was specifically architected for B2B manufacturers.

CruxDB: CruxDB web-enables legacy ERPs. It is a cloud-based database that provides the foundation for HarmonyB2B.

Custom Mobile & Web Apps: We create apps for startups interested in bringing new app concepts to life and for established businesses interested in app concepts to tackle an existing problem. 

Custom Digital Catalogs & Kiosks: We create digital catalogs that can be used in both mobile app format and kiosk format.

HaystackCRM: HaystackCRM is the only fully integrated CRM for Fourth Shift. It has a modern, mobile-first platform designed to leverage and access relationship management data on the go.

B2B Digital Marketing: Xtern Software offers B2B digital marketing, alongside our custom software development. This means that all components of a project work together, without needing to pull in additional costly resources.

We appreciated the opportunity to share these new products and services at Fourth Shift Summit!