[Xtern Software] Living up to our mission and values

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Our small business felt really special when the Better Business Bureau of Central & Northwest NC came by to present us with the Torch Award for Ethics. It felt great for our hard work, strong sense of integrity, and of course ethics, to be recognized and celebrated by such an important stakeholder in the business community.

The Torch Awards for Ethics is the most prestigious honor BBB can present to a business. Being a recipient indicates the business not only believes in the high standards of honesty, integrity and transparency promoted by BBB, but also consistently acts on these standards and continuously integrates them into its daily practice.

The award honors organizations whose leaders focus on the four C’s and measures: the Character of the organization’s leadership; if and how an authentic Culture is being fostered; the company’s transparent relationship with its Customers; and the impact the organization is making in the local Community.

We've been running Xtern Software for 20 years with a consistent set of guiding principles. These influence our business decisions at every turn. When we set out to define our Mission and Values a few years back, it was easy. That's because we weren't trying to do or be anything new. We were simply verbalizing the way we've been doing business for two decades. 

Thanks to BBB for recognizing our small business!