[Xtern Software] It’s Entrepreneurship Everywhere!

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It’s fun when we get to attend events in our community! Our city boasts seven higher education institutions, including the University of North Carolina — Greensboro. Three of our employees received degrees in Computer Science from UNCG, while others are Spartans by marriage 🙂 

One of the remarkable things about UNCG is its commitment to minority, first-generation, and non-traditional students. As such, the university offers curriculum that is progressive and innovative and its commitment to growing entrepreneurs is no exception.

What we learned:

We were so pleased to be able to participate in the Entrepreneurship Everywhere conference this past week! Besides getting to share our story and connect with other local businesses, we got to attend a Q&A session with an intellectual property lawyer, and watch a panel discussion on the state of entrepreneurship in Greensboro. TLDR; Greensboro is a great place to be an entrepreneur. 

It was great speaking with student-created businesses in the areas of apparel, food & beverage, and podcasting. We got to know others in the community that organize meetups, host co-working space, and hire local talent. We also met quite a few students looking for jobs in software development, and were thrilled to tell them we are hiring two interns this summer, and always looking to add to our small but mighty team. 

And best of all, we got to spend time on a college campus, which always seems to spark our creativity. Thanks, UNCG, and we’ll see you again soon!