[Xtern Software] Fourth Shift Summit

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Last week, we had the opportunity to present at Fourth Shift Summit, at the Dollywood DreamMore Resort in East Tennessee. Fourth Shift Summit is a conference focused on manufacturing technology. The conference is held by our Knoxville-based business partner, Innovative Consulting Group. The core audience is manufacturers of various types who use an ERP called Fourth Shift. 

Xtern has roots in Fourth Shift and manufacturing. Our founder, Keir, wrote a number of ERP programs prior to establishing Xtern. Keir met ICG founder, Jeff Bronson, 15 years ago, and began collaborating on products designed to enhance Fourth Shift. In the years that followed, Xtern Software created a number of companion software products for Fourth Shift. 

These programs are still in use and Xtern continues to work with many customers in manufacturing. In the meantime, Xtern expanded its scope and expertise. The purpose of this presentation was to share how Xtern products support B2B eCommerce for manufacturing customers. 

HarmonyB2B: HarmonyB2B was designed to meet the very specific needs of B2B customers and is the fastest growing eCommerce platform for Fourth Shift.

CruxDB: CruxDB web-enables legacy ERPs, providing the foundation for HarmonyB2B, and other custom app integrations.

HaystackCRM: HaystackCRM provides seamless CRM integration with Fourth Shift.

Xtern Software also offers B2B marketing consulting, alongside our custom software development. This means that all components of a project work together, without needing to pull in additional costly resources.

It was great to share this information with a diverse group of manufacturers at Fourth Shift Summit! Thanks, ICG, for a great event!