[Xtern Software] Cybersecurity Community Challenge

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We are looking forward to participating in this year's tech challenge, hosted by Campus Greensboro. This year's theme is cybersecurity. We had the opportunity to volunteer for last year's inaugural challenge, which focused on FinTech.

The Cybersecurity Community Challenge is a virtual, week-long event in which college students studying computer science, information sciences, analytics, engineering, and law/ethics work collaboratively and intensively on a community-minded Greensboro challenge. Throughout the week, local industry leaders will be presenting workshops on trends within the field.

The format is the same -- a team of college students (this time, from GTCC) work together, with assistance from their "Sucess Squad." Success Squads are teams of local professionals volunteering their time and expertise. Xtern Software serves on the GTCC team's Success Squad, along with a cyber security expert from VF Corp. 


The challenge 


There are two challenges available. One was created with the assistance of the city of Greensboro and focuses on the impact of AI transportation technology and its effect on the county’s citizens. The other was created with the assistance of Guilford County and focuses on phishing emails and their effect on the county’s health department. Our team received the second challenge. 


The Scoring


Teams are scored on the following:

·        Utilization of cybersecurity research and methodology

·        Impact on city/county and community

·        Level of innovation and uniqueness

·        Overall effectiveness of the presentation

·        Engagement throughout the challenge (based on attendance at events)

The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony, which will take place on Tuesday, November 16th. Good luck team GTCC and we are looking forward to working with you!