[Xtern Software] AWS Hosting Fees FAQ

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Here is some information on Internet Protocol (IP) address price increases from Amazon Web Services (AWS): 

What is an Internet Protocol (IP)? 

IP is the way that computers & devices communicate with one another over a network. Each website has a unique IP address. The standard IP since 1983 has been IPv4, which is a 32-bit (digit) numerical address. 

Why is AWS charging more for IPv4? 

With the proliferation of the internet, 32-bit IP addresses are becoming scarcer since there are only so many combinations that can be made. The cost to acquire a single public IPv4 address has risen more than 300% over the past five years.

How will this change affect my website? 

From a user experience perspective, this change will not affect your website in any way. AWS will begin charging more for IPv4 starting in February 2024, which is the main change to note. 

For yearly contracts: We will update the fee as renewals occur in accordance with the AWS rate change. 

For month-to-month contracts: The pricing change will occur March 1, 2024. Xtern will cover the cost of the transition for the month of February to make the customer experience as seamless as possible.