[Meet the Team] Sean Edwards

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Welcome to Sean Edwards as our newest Junior Web Developer! Sean is a recent graduate of UNCG. In his role as Junior Developer, he'll be learning the ropes of software development at Xtern, while getting to contribute to the success of a variety of projects.

He heard about Xtern Software as a potential employer while enrolled in a programming languages course at UNCG taught by our company's president, Keir Davis. Noting Sean's strong performance in class and involvement in many programming projects outside of school, Keir encouraged him to apply for work at Xtern. 

Sean's main hobbies outside of work are travelling with friends, trying new foods, and playing video games. Being able to make modifications and add-ons for games was his first motivator for learning programming.  And since then, he's been hooked. Nowadays in those same online communities, he also spends free time helping other newer programmers to find that same passion.