[Meet the Team] Our software developers

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Our small but mighty team boasts 7 software developers. In addition to the three already mentioned — our founder, our VP Software Development, , and our intern turned new hire (YAY!), we have 4 more folks. 

Meet Don 

Don started with us about four years ago, after many years at well-regarded design agencies. He’s the lone grad from that other Carolina — University of South Carolina 🙂 He was active in the founding of a nonprofit called Art for Art’s Sake. He likes collecting retro Nintendo games & consoles, contributing to open source software, and recently built a house. 

Meet Ike

Ike joined Xtern Software this past spring and also teaches for the UNCG Department of Computer Science. He returned to school to receive his MS in Computer Science after working for about a decade. Ike is a parent to two human children, two cats, and a dog. He likes playing strategy board games, reading books about Arctic exploration, and creative writing. 

Meet Brandon

Brandon started at Xtern Software two years ago, first as a summer intern, and then transitioning to a full-time employee. He is a double graduate of UNCG, where he received his BS and MS in Computer Science. Brandon is very involved in 4H and has been appointed to the 4H Honor Board. He also plays soccer with the NC Fusion Adult Soccer league. 

Meet Chris 

Chris joined us about five years ago. He is a double grad of NC A&T. He received both his BS and MS in Computer Science there. Chris likes to play jazz & soul music on guitar and saxophone with friends. He also likes practicing gymnastics. Chris started his journey with Xtern in a very serendipitous way — he was delivering sandwiches as a delivery man to our office! Once he realized we were a software company, he dropped off his resume and the rest is history.