[Meet the Team] Manish Shah

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We’re so happy to have another summer intern this year! Welcome to Manish Shah, a Master’s student at UNCG. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from DA-IICT, in India. He always had a passion for computer science and wanted to pursue an academic career in the United States,  so he planned to do a Master's in Computer Science from UNC at Greensboro.

Manish found out about the internship from his classmates at UNCG. He is spending the summer focusing on fixing bugs and adding features to web applications that are currently in development. He has a background in working with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which has been very valuable for the types of customers Xtern has. 

In his own words, Manish says that he is enjoying “learning about new tools, frameworks, and techniques at Xtern.” And he is appreciative of the “supportive staff guidance”. 

When he’s not working or in school, Manish enjoys reading, hiking, and playing badminton. Welcome to Manish!