[Meet the Team] Keir Davis

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Building custom software is a craft. Software development requires vision, strategy, and creative solutions.

The start

Keir Davis founded Xtern Software in 2002. He started Xtern from his townhouse in suburban Greensboro, North Carolina. There, he quickly found a high demand for custom software.

In 2016, he created HaystackCRM. Earlier, he had built HaystackCRM to manage customer relationships within Xtern. Then, he realized this nimble and intuitive product was valuable for other small businesses.

A commitment to local

Most software is developed off-shore, but HaystackCRM is built entirely within the walls of its Fisher Park office. Additionally, our developers are grads of UNC Greensboro, NC A&T, and other local schools. We prove that tech can thrive outside of San Francisco, or even the Research Triangle.

Keir hires folks who are curious, creative, and driven. He believes people thrive when they create meaningful work. Our team volunteers, develops open source software, plays sports, and restores cars.

Life outside of work

Aside from spending time with his family, Keir enjoys playing pinball at Boxcar Arcade in Greensboro, and trying local beers. He’s an active member of Summit Rotary (Greensboro). Also, he serves on the UNC Greensboro Computer Science Industry Advisory Board.

His favorite tv shows are: MASH, Seinfeld, and Modern Family. He and his family make homemade pizza every Friday. And he is fascinated by apps that track weather.