[Meet the Team] Justin Halvorsen

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Welcome to our new System Administrator, Justin Halvorsen! Previously this was a dual role also held by our Office Manager. As our software business has continued to steadily grow, the need to have both a dedicated system administrator and a dedicated office manager has become appararent. We are thrilled to have Justin helming the former. 

Justin earned has his degree in Computer Science from ECPI university. He majored in networking and cybersecurity. Before coming to Xtern, he worked at Gilbarco Veeder-Root, starting as an intern and working his way up to becoming technical lead for a tier 3 desktop support team. In that role, he managed a tier 2 team and coordinated with the other teams such as the platform & security teams on projects.

Outside of work, Justin is a husband, a father, and soon-to-be father to two (he and his wife are expecting a baby in August). He describes himself as a strange mashup of nerd and viking. To go along with that, some of his hobbies include making mead at home, cooking, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and playing around with computers. 

We are happy to have Justin on board as part of our growing team!