[Meet the Team] Josiah Gladden

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Our hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina, is home to 50,000+ local college students. Local organization Campus Greensboro runs a program to retain local college grads in the region. It is called the Campus Greensboro Fellows Program

“A competitive, 10-week summer program that includes a paid industry internship and opportunities to build your network, enhance your professional development, engage in the community, and explore Greensboro as a place to thrive as a young professional.”

This year, the program had 1,814 applicants. Of those, 66 were selected to intern at 32 different job sites. 

We are so delighted to host a Fellow this summer! 

A bit about Josiah 


Josiah joined us as our Creative Services intern. Josiah is a rising Senior at NC A&T and a talented photographer. 

Among other things, he is part of the AEI Design Program. AEI Design stands for Advocate Educate Innovate Design. The program’s goal is to further the growth and development of black design students, while also partnering with companies to create a pipeline for black design students. 

Josiah grew up in Charlotte and his parents also attended NC A&T. In his free time, he likes video games, skating, and traveling. 

We’re thrilled to grow our local talent pipeline by partnering with Campus Greensboro. It’s important to equip local students with the skills and tools to thrive in Greensboro and beyond!