[Meet the Team] Jay Stadler

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We’re excited to welcome Jay to the Xtern team as our new Junior Developer. Jay just graduated from UNCG, bringing our current Spartan count to 8. He graduated with a BS in computer science and a concentration in data science. 

In his role as Junior Developer, he'll be learning the ropes of software development at Xtern, while getting to contribute to the success of a variety of projects. One of the things that attracted Jay to work at Xtern was the diversity of projects we undertake. He is excited to work on large scale web applications that enhance the relationships between our clients and their customers. His side projects focus on data analytics and finding ways to incorporate  data to improve user experiences. 

Jay was also interested in Xtern’s focus on community service. This resonated with him because he has done volunteer work with Guilford Green and Greensboro Urban Ministry. His main focus is on homelessness and feeding hungry people. His background in food service plays a big part in this. 

Jay is a former hospitality management specialist. In his past career, he was exposed to various technology applications that allowed him to do his job more effectively. Some of these applications worked well and others fell short. This got him interested in exploring ways to bridge the gap between developers and end users. 

Outside of work, Jay enjoys camping, hiking, cooking (he was a chef before this), writing, fishing, and traveling.

We’re fortunate that this year has seen so much growth for Xtern. And we look forward to welcoming other local grads to the team soon!