[HaystackCRM] New feature: tags for Jerry

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Here at HaystackCRM, we pride ourselves on taking our users’ feedback seriously. Because we are small, we are able to personally address product feedback. We use it to inform future product updates. 

We are located in the Piedmont Triad, a region in Central North Carolina, close to High Point. High Point is often referred to as the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World.” We have many users, particularly sales reps, that work in the furniture or textile industry. 

Every year, High Point hosts two Furniture Markets — one in the spring and one in the fall. We make it a point to attend — not just because it’s fun to imagine furnishing our hypothetical beach house 🙂 Attending gives us a chance to build relationships with our users, who work across the country, in different sales territories. 

Meet Jerry!

One of our more loquacious users, Jerry, is a furniture sales rep. Based on the West Coast, he has 25 years of experience in the industry. Jerry is charming, quick to smile, and a natural salesman. He is not a tech native, but has been a quick study to the product. He watches our product tutorials and consistently reaches out to our team with questions and feedback. 

Last market, we chatted with Jerry over some BBQ and learned he was interested in utilizing the search function more robustly. His ultimate goal was:

Create a tagging hierarchy

→ Use it to label leads and prospects

→ Export those searches (via both the app and console)

→ Use this info to close a sale! 

We soon realized this suggestion would benefit other users, with similar workflows to Jerry. This type of suggestion is critical to us because ease of use matters

If the product is not serving the needs of our users, and making their jobs easier, then we are not doing our job! For the Jerrys of the world, out there logging hundreds of miles in their sales territory, attending trade show after trade show, and doing it with endless enthusiasm, this feature is for you! We hope it makes your HaystackCRM experience even better.