[HaystackCRM] Keep your contacts even more organized

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Our second recently released feature was designed to help our users with organization. We are keenly aware that a CRM is only as good as the data in it. If the data is a mess, then the CRM is going to be messy to use. And more likely than not, a messy CRM is an unused CRM.

We want you to have a clean, usable CRM! 

So, that’s why we created statuses that can be used to label Companies or Contacts. There are three status types:

— Prospect

— Customer

— Dormant

These statuses are exactly as they sound — a prospect is a person or organization you think you might do business with. A customer is someone you are currently doing business with. Lastly, dormant is a person or organization that was a lead or customer and fizzled out for some reason. It may be because the project is complete or because their needs and goals changed. Either way, it’s helpful to have that information handy, both for historical reference, and for future use. 

Our hope is that these statuses make it easier to store lots of info within HaystackCRM without the resulting digital clutter. For more on reducing digital clutter, check out this helpful article.