[HaystackCRM] Keep important notes top of mind with pinning

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Our third and final new feature is the ability to pin notes. You can input notes for both Contacts and Companies. And if you are using a mobile device, you can voice-dictate notes while on the go. Woohoo multitasking 🙂 

Notes are obviously helpful to capture information about a specific meeting, sales opportunity, or other interaction. And for folks that are diligent note-takers, the outcome is lots of notes! But some notes are more important than others, which is why pinning is so great. Pinning a note bumps that note to the top of your note section, making it immediately viewable. 

This feature was requested by some of our users in the furniture industry. They attend multiple trade shows every year, where they meet dozens and dozens of people. Events like those are perfect for jotting down quick notes and pinning the most significant ones as necessary. 

It’s our hope that the features that we’ve added so far in 2020 will help increase your productivity. And hopefully increase your sales as well! 

To recap, the new features are: 

— Exporting data by tags (debuted in Winter 2020)

— Viewing top 10 recent Contact and Companies adds on the dashboard

— Labelling with Customer, Prospect or Dormant Statuses 

— And pinning notes 

As always, we’d love to hear how HaystackCRM is treating you. Please leave comments on our blog or drop us a line through our contact page