[HaystackCRM] HaystackCRM is the perfect partner for manufacturers

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HaystackCRM is a great option for salespeople in a wide variety of industries. In this blog, we walk through why HaystackCRM is particularly well suited for manufacturers. 

First and foremost, HaystackCRM is the only fully integrated CRM for Fourth Shift ERP. It has a modern, mobile-first platform designed to leverage and access relationship management data on the go.

With HaystackCRM, you can create company and/or contact records to track a sales process from start to finish. You can manage tasks, events, proposals, and quotes all in one place to optimize workflow. And you can utilize the dashboard, mapping features, and email integration to work contacts efficiently.


In addition to seamless integration with a heavily utilized ERP, customers also find value in the following features:

– Teams: Oversee sales teams with assigned roles and track how well both teams and individuals are performing. Teams who work within specific regions can have their own segment of contacts. Data syncs across all devices and web-based accounts to ensure accurate data.

– Mapping: The “Who’s Near Me” feature uses GPS technology to find any contact near you. If you are meeting with a contact, you can easily find other contacts in the area to optimize your route with a map to their location. This helps make sales visits efficient and more productive.

– Mobile-first design: Leverage the convenience a mobile device offers, with the ability to voice-narrate notes while running from meeting to meeting. The user interface is similar to other apps your employees are already using, so onboarding new users is quick and intuitive.

And more!


HaystackCRM is continually adding new features and in 2020, added the following features based on customer feedback:

– Pin important notes to the top of a specific contact or company record. This keeps timely information close at hand.

– Export data sorted by tags to easily segment different buckets of customer information.

– View top 10 recent contact and company adds on the dashboard so the entire team is aware of new leads.

– Label contacts with Customer, Prospect, or Dormant statuses to nurture leads and retain historical data.

You can check out the full feature set here