[HaystackCRM] Features come from the needs of our users

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Here at HaystackCRM, we implement features based on our users’ suggestions, rather than what we think our users *might* need. We are continually asking for product feedback. Our goal is to make sure that the product is meeting the needs of all our users. 

We are excited to introduce three new features developed directly as the result of user feedback. Today, we’ll share more about the first feature. Stay tuned for more info about the other two features in the coming weeks! 

Top ten recent adds

Some of our users work for companies that use HaystackCRM as their overall CRM. As a result, their accounts may be updated with new contacts/companies directly from their employer’s ERP. It’s hard to take action on a new addition if you didn’t know they were added 🙂 

Our friends over at a company that produces systems and devices for industrial cleaning products found that to be the case. Their field sales reps needed a way to know about potential sales leads being imported via their company’s ERP. Those leads might be in their respective geographic territories. They needed that info to be effective salespeople. 

As a result, the HaystackCRM dashboard now shows the most recent global additions. This way all users have visibility into those additions. This greater visibility results in a more efficient workflow, hopefully leading to greater sales and success for our customers!