[HaystackCRM] Extreme Makeover: Tech Edition

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If you’re familiar with our story, you know we built HaystackCRM for our own business. As we grew, we needed a nimble, and user-friendly CRM. This helped us easily track our customer management workflow. 

We realized nonprofits would also value HaystackCRM. Often, nonprofits may face:

— Lack of consistent funding.

— High turnover in critical positions like fundraising.

— Little time to spend on administrative tasks.

HaystackCRM addresses all those needs (and more!) by providing:

Free use for individual users.

Inexpensive & transparent pricing for multiple users.

— Storage for institutional memory.

Time-saving tools like voice-dictated notes, a shared calendar, and tagging.

We’re joining the cast of 2020’s Extreme Nonprofit Makeover! 

No, we won’t be on HGTV. And we didn’t get to meet Ty Pennington. BUT, we are working with the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium to give one worthy nonprofit a tech makeover. This includes hardware, software, digital marketing assistance, and more. We are gifting HaystackCRM implementation and a year’s subscription to the nonprofit recipient. 

Over the next few weeks, our group is:

— Reviewing applications.

— Visiting finalists’ offices.

— Vetting their technology resources.

The recipient will be announced at the end of the month. From there, we’ll share the story behind our nonprofit partner!