[HarmonyB2B] We are live with Jetta!

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HarmonyB2B is a Content Management System (CMS). It is supported by CruxDB, a cloud-based database. The two parts work together from the start. This eliminates the need for additional plug-ins or programs. HarmonyB2B engages consumers, distributors, salespeople, and employees.

The creative & technical sides of a business partner in HarmonyB2B. Harmony B2B creates solidly architected websites that work, all the time, while granting content owners sufficient creative control

Jetta is the newest customer to go live on HarmonyB2B. They are a manufacturer of premium baths. Jetta is based out of Edmond, Oklahoma. The company is nearly 40 years old. They create innovative bathtubs and hydrotherapy options.

The company sells a wide variety of products. Therefore, they needed a website able to handle endless product configurations. They also needed to build a user experience that shows their passion for providing exceptional customer service. 

Jetta chose Xtern because we understood the complexity of their business. We created a website that is very inviting and easy to navigate. It is also underpinned by an extremely powerful foundation.

This type of project is the type of challenge we seek. We aim to deeply understand the customer’s end goal. That way, we can create a product that is exactly what the customer needs to run their business successfully.